My First Options Trades

Realizing that retirement is not so far out anymore and that I need to start working on finding ways to generate extra income, I have explored several ways to earn …

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Grey skies

Entry 11 Mar 23: Grey Skies

The skies over the financial markets seem to be turning grey. I am already writing this entry on Friday since I am traveling to the Netherlands this weekend to pick …

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Kerr Dam

Entry 4 Mar 23: Delta Busters!

Delta busters may help me reduce delta exposure. This week I looked at reducing (or: busting) my high delta exposure after finding a play that may help me. It is …

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Entry 28 Jan 23: Beta-Weighted Delta

I need to start monitoring beta-weighted delta! Because my strategies are too dependent on the directional move of the market. This week my options lost much of their value again. …

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